With Talkwalker you unlock the full value of integrated data throughout

marketing, communications and consumer research. This solution

empowers enterprises to harness the power of internal and external data.

Track, benchmark, and optimize your social media performance. Use our

advanced competitive benchmarking features to create the best social

media marketing strategy for your business.


Single source of truth

Enterprises need consistent, comparable, and reliable data across all

regions and departments. Talkwalker covers every crucial use case in

consumer, marketing, and communications intelligence. All in one place.


Data Democratization

Data should be accessible throughout the enterprise – in any region,

department, and job level. Our secure and intuitive platform equips all

stakeholders with actionable data intelligence – all the way to the C-Suite.


Instant Insights         

Intuitive custom dashboards and one-click reports enable instantaneous

data-driven decisions. Talkwalker provides complete data access, which

you can tailor to your business needs. Transform data intelligence into real



Built for the Enterprise

Our advanced features enable enterprises to blend their own internal

customer data, with media and market data – tapping into the power of

integrated data intelligence. Empowering the world’s biggest brands and


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