How are we different?

How are we Different?

Data Domain Experts

A typical data project requires specialized skills at various stages of the data journey. Lack of expertise in varied skill sets would not yield the ultimate result. It is important for an organization to have the specialized data related knowledge and skills in its DNA, unlike traditional outsourcing companies which provide resources and does not have the data-centric value proposition in place.


Regional & Local Presence

Having our offices and the core teams on the ground in this region help our clients to easily communicate and achieve the overall objectives seamlessly.


Vertical Integration

DataQraft has the capabilities and resources for your complete end-to-end data needs. Thus, seamless vertical integration is possible (e.g., you are running a BI implementation project and using our BI developer. If you decide to extend the project and include data warehousing or data management, you will get expert resources from Dataqraft.)


Rich Technology & Industry Experience

Being in the business for last 12 years and working in various domains with best of the breed technologies and resources, DataQraft has the expertise as well as experience of multiple industries as well.


Best Practices

DataQraft follows the best practices which will be deployed in the project from all aspects (e.g. data management, security, coding best practices, data modelling best practices, data architecture best practices etc.)


High Quality Resources

Expert and quality resources ensuring high productivity and minimum rework.


Bilingual – English and Arabic

Bilingual speakers would often help deliver the project efficiently and effectively.


Competitive Rates and Various Partnership Models

We strive to offer competitive rates and offer a choice of different models of partnership. This helps our customers to select the best fit model based on their objectives and strategies.


Continuous Upskill and Upgradation

As part of our quality enhancement program, we constantly educate/ upskill our team to new technologies.


Strong Guidance to the Team

We also have experienced and senior data practitioners to guide the team.


Strong SLA

We have very strong SLAs which ensure transparency in terms of the services that you would expect from us.


Quick Resource Mobilization

With the ability to quickly mobilize resources, DataQraft ensures availability of highly trained and skilled professionals primarily from India, Jordan and other regions.


Agile Methodology

Agile software development methodology which includes transparency, inspection, and adaptation



We treat our engagements as partnerships and are committed to your project success.