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Talent Augmentation

Globalization and internationalization have permeated practically every industry – and this is even more true when it comes to IT skills. For businesses worldwide, data is the new currency or oil. But with this escalating inflow and volume of information and data sources, there is a crucial demand for personnel who can make sense out of all that data. These are professionals who are adept at analyzing and extracting useful knowledge from this new influx of information.

DataQraft’s highly experienced full-time data professionals help you evaluate, arrange, envision and interpret diverse and large sets of data. Our skilled and experienced data professionals and data analysts take care of the storage, transaction, research, and upkeep of unstructured heaps of data in a well-planned and controlled manner to help utilize most of it further for real-time research, visualization and foresight.

Our thoroughly screened teams comprising Data Scientists, Big Data experts, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, and BI Developers have extensive experience in the industry. Experts can work on your short-term or long-term projects as Onshore / Offshore / Outsourced and enable you to get unparalleled value for your projects.