Collect and Transform

Extract, Transform & Load

Ingest and integrate data, applications, files, events and APIs from any source or endpoint to any location, on-premise and in the cloud, easier and faster with an intuitive interface and no coding. Talend Data Fabric rapidly collects and integrates data from the broadest range of sources and transforms data to make it usable, accurate, and trustworthy. One can make the most informed decisions based on high quality, trustworthy data derived from batch and real-time processing and bolstered with market-leading data cleaning and enrichment tools.

"data integration process"

Talend helps resolving the Data Chaos by making use of all the data and eliminating data silos by using innovative technology, thus increasing the productivity of data engineers and data scientists. It helps in discovering, capturing, standardizing and fast integration of data. More than 1000s of pre-built connectors available in Talend helps the business to readily connect to variety of data sources.

Transformation of data to new formats and improved quality can be easily availed using Talend. Enriched with AI and Machine Learning capabilities, it helps in batch and real time processing, maintaining the golden record quite seamlessly.