In today’s Big data and the cloud-centric world, it becomes very important for the organizations to harness their enterprise information. Today’s enterprise data scenario is characterized by the explosion of data and the data chaos formed due to the same. It has been analyzed that 30% of revenues are lost due to bad data. This data chaos impacts business impacts in following ways:

  • Lack of access to relevant data sources
  • Impure customer data (duplicate, missing data, inaccurate data, etc.)
  • Data Silos
  • Lack of ‘single source of truth’
  • Increasing cost of data management
  • Inability to trace data lineage
  • Lack of up to date inventory data 

Thus, it has become extremely important to have a solution which helps in data integration, data management, data transformation, and data share in a seamless and efficient manner.

Talend is one of the leading data integration platforms that helps in effortlessly integrating and managing the huge amount of data into business insights. It has been highly rates by Analysts like Gartner and Forrester. Talend is marked as Leader in the Forrester Wave 2020. Similarly, Gartner has included Talend in the Leader Quadrant in both ‘Data Quality’ and ‘Data Integration’ Magic Quadrants.

"gartner magic quadrant"

Talend Data Fabric

Talend Data Fabric’s suite of cloud services efficiently handles all the integration and integrity challenges — on-premises or in the cloud, any source, any endpoint.