Instantly deliver personalized reports to thousands of users, empower business users with self-service analytics, or boost analytics adoption to 100%

across your enterprise, MicroStrategy provides the technology to make it happen. MicroStrategy’s powerful analytical engine, comprehensive toolsets,

variety of data connectors, and scalable, open  architecture ensure you have everything you need to extend access to analytics across every team and

business function.

"microstrategy analytics dashboard on a laptop screen"

Easy to Use

With intuitive tools for building and deploying powerful applications and Hyperintelligence cards, seamlessly deliver insights to users on nearly any device.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Microstrategy platform covers it all from data discovery, to pixel-perfect reporting, automated distribution, personalized dashboards, machine learning applications, big data, mobile and cloud BI, and HyperIntelligence.

Built for Enterprise

Whether you want to deliver apps for individuals, departments, or the whole organization, MicroStrategy provides all the scalable tools needed to deliver analytics, fast.

Visualize your Data

With powerful out-of-the-box visualization tools, and the ability to leverage custom and third-party charts, MicroStrategy makes it easy to find key insights and present them for maximum impact.

Dossiers & Dashboards

A collection of papers and/or other sources, containing detailed information about a particular person or subject, together with a synopsis of their content.


Data Discovery 

Give business users the tools to explore, visualize, and analyze data on their own. Users can create dashboards and dossiers, then promote them to a governed enterprise environment.


Enterprise Reporting

Deliver personalized reports to thousands of users across your organization, fast. Deploy everything from operational reports, to score cards, to branded invoices and statements.



With native support for Mapbox and ESRI, users can create dynamic, vector-based maps, and deliver an interactive user experience for web and mobile apps.

Connect to and Prepare your Data

Dozens of connectors and gateways to the most popular data sources and systems, MicroStrategy makes it easy to leverage all your investments. Quickly connect to any source, prepare the data, and build powerful applications that tell the whole story.

Data Connectivity 

Get the most from your enterprise assets by connecting to any resource, from NoSQL databases to big data systems, to cloud-based applications. Build applications using all of your data.


Data Preparation

Transform and modify data with built-in data wrangling and parsing capabilities. Benefit from automatic recommendations to profile and transform data without having to export it to a spreadsheet.

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Get more from your investments in big data

Big data is the new reality for large organizations, and unlocking its value is the key to building a lasting competitive edge. Use MicroStrategy to build machine learning models and operationalize big data with powerful enterprise analytics.

Big Data

Connect to every flavor of big data and leverage your organization’s existing assets. Tap into a variety of big data sources using native connectors and gateways for Cloudera, MapR, Hortonworks, Google BigQuery, Presto, MongoDB, and more.

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Use MicroStrategy as a hub for machine learning. Analyze governed data, create machine learning models, and visualize results. Securely deploy models to thousands of users and help ensure that their outputs are used by decision makers and analysts.

Native Hadoop Access

MicroStrategy’s proprietary connector allows you to tap into Hadoop clusters and visualize information without constraints. Bring in big data faster for speed-of-thought analysis.

"laptop, tab and mobile with reports displayed"

Operationalize Data Lakes

MicroStrategy’s governance capabilities make it easy to tie together a variety of data sources and build a single version of the truth. Create real-time applications with sophisticated predictive analytics and maximize the impact of your big data assets.

Share your Insights

Put data on the front lines by easily delivering analytics to every device, from desktops, to tablets, smartphones, virtual assistants such as Alexa, and wearables. Mobilize critical reports, apps, and workflows, empowering every user with answers when they need them most.

Scheduled Distribution 

Set event or time-based and threshold-triggered schedules to automate the delivery of reports, dossiers, and documents to tens of thousands of users. Ensure every decision-maker has the most up-to-date information, so they can take action and drive results.


MicroStrategy delivers a range of collaboration features that boost adoption and makes it even easier for teams to work together. Users can ask questions or call attention to specific data points by commenting directly within the interface of dossiers.

Personalized Insights

Put intelligence in the hands of your workforce and transform applications and business processes. MicroStrategy delivers more ways for organizations to quickly deploy mobile productivity apps for a variety of business functions and roles.

Mobile Analytics 

Put analytics the hands of users, wherever they work. Extend BI applications to employees’ mobile devices and leverage powerful transaction and offline capabilities to build and deploy custom productivity apps to iOS and Android devices.