Social Media Analytics: How it Helps in Making the Right Marketing Decision

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Author : Vivek Singh

Social media marketing has reached its peak of innovation and a massive amount of data is being transferred with the speed of lightning onto billions of cellular phones and computers each and every day. There are 25 million business profiles solely on Instagram including big and small companies that use social media to use it as a tool for marketing and 73% of the marketers believe that social media has been a great instrument for marketing their brands, it has been very much effective for their business.  In this rush of exchanging data worldwide, social media analytics is a divine invention for the marketing industries. This paragon tool helps to navigate data; examine the audience, competitors, campaigns and reach of a company on the social media platforms.

Strategy and Content assistance

Building a strategy for a marketing campaign that will reach the target audience with its full potential is the key to get the optimum utilization of these social platforms. A good strategy includes knowing your audience and their traits like, age, gender, location. Choosing the right platforms for the campaign helps to give the maximum potential of reaching the target audience. Social media analytics shows everything a marketer needs to know to build a successful strategy to launch a campaign. It gives a deep insight of the traits of the target audience exhibiting their age, gender, preferences and much more. It also shows which platform gives the most response to the campaign so that one can plan accordingly.

A content that can simply blow the minds of the audience can directly contribute to the success of the campaign. Making a content through which masses can relate themselves is a severe assistance to increase the reach. Social media analytics helps to figure out what is likable content for the audience and vice-versa. It unveils the number of expressions made by the people, it also gives a transparent vision to create the next content or campaign according to the statistics.

Communication & Monitoring

In the 21st century, a customer is more likely to respond to a brand if the brand gets direct contact with that particular customer. The communication helps customers to open up about the brand on social media. 50% of the consumers say that seeing user-generated content would increase their chances of buying products through a brand’s social media. 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations on social media. 83% of the people, who tweeted to a company and received a response, restored the image of the company and are more likely to do business with them. Hence, it is very important to do direct communication with the customers and social media analytics gives the supremacy to its users to do so.

Monitoring data is extremely essential for a brand to understand where it stands on the market. It is important to know what people think about the brand, and how it is impacting the people connected to it. Even to increase the connections monitoring data is important. Without the observation of data it is impossible to grasp the beliefs and notions of the people about the brand including the competitors. From the idea for a Facebook post to the reach of every single Instagram post, examining the statistics is important. It helps to give a structure to a brand’s content. Statistics of a social media campaign show the preference of the people regarding the content. The virtual expressions made by the audience are heavily advantageous to understand what is getting accepted and rejected by them. 71% of the consumers who have had a positive experience from a brand are likely to recommend the brand to their family, friends and the closed ones.

The leading platforms & benefits

Social Media analytics validates a brand to understand the location where its campaign reached the most and where did it not get much response. It helps to review the disposition of the brand in the market. By the use of artificial intelligence social media analytics like Talkwalker and Hootsuite one can get to the bottom of the analytical information of its social media platforms to make its marketing perform the best out of its capabilities.

Social media analytics is the savior of marketing that helps a marketer to get optimum amount of benefits from a deep navigation of data. It makes a marketer to specify the decision making for a drastic change for betterment of the company. It saves a lot of time and effort by giving a compilation of useful data that can be utilized to make a huge positive difference over the brand and give the campaign all the proficiency to gain an outstanding extent in the social media websites. It is truly a revolutionary conception for the future of a brand and every brand must consider it.