Dataiku: Everyday AI Great People

Dataiku is the platform democratizing access to data and enabling enterprises to build their own path to AI in a human-centric way. Cleaning, mining, and

monitoring data quickly become a complex and heavily involved process when you have diverse datasets. Dataiku allows you to pull data from multiple

sources and even different formats and deliver advanced analytics using the latest techniques at big data scale. Dataiku’s, graphical, point-and-click

interface is incredibly user-friendly. Using simple visual recipes, the user clean, filter, join, and aggregate data as well. Similarly, it helps in developing the

statistical algorithms using visual recipes to build advanced analytics use cases.


Dataiku is the platform democratizing access to data and enabling enterprises to build their own path to AI. By making AI accessible to a wider

population within the enterprise, facilitating and accelerating the design of machine learning models, and by providing a centralized, controlled, and

governable environment, Dataiku allows businesses to massively scale AI efforts.

Data Preparation

The Dataiku visual flow allows coders and non-coders alike to easily build data pipelines with datasets, recipes to join and transform datasets,and the ability to build predictive models.


Dataiku saves time for users with quick visual analysis of columns through the dashboards, including distribution of values, top values, outliers, invalids, and overall statistics.


Dataiku projects are the central place for all work and collaboration for users. Each project has a visual flow, including the pipeline of datasets and recipes associated with the project.


With Dataiku, bundle the workflow, optionally including data & models, as a single deployable and reproducible package; elements of the flow can be for real-time predictions with our REST API.

Maching Learning

Leverage ML technologies (MLlib, Tensorflow etc.) in visual UI, build models in Python/ R, integrate any external ML library through code APIs to get instant feedbacks on model performances.

Analytics Apps

Dataiku Apps help data scientists and analysts to easily create apps with a few clicks and publish a project, including the app, to production. Easy to build dashboards and what-if analysis

End-to-End Platform Solution


Key differentiators of the solution

End to End

Dataiku DSS addresses the whole process of designing, deploying and operating a Data project from a single solution. It includes data preparation and

cleansing, data exploration, data visualization, machine learning / predictive modeling, information delivery, automation, monitoring and API



Multi-profile & inclusive

Dataiku DSS is designed to be accessible (easy to adopt) and attractive to users with different profiles, from non-technical business analysts, all the way

to top-flight data scientists & coders.



Dataiku DSS is a web-based, multi-user environment where entire teams work together in a shared environment. It enables collaboration by providing

features such as discussion/notifications, to-do lists, documentation, code and best practice sharing.


Open & compliant with IT

Dataiku DSS is compliant with the IT standard in terms of security, and integration. The solution can be managed through its UI but also via Public API.


On Premise

Dataiku DSS is hosted in DOE’s infrastructure, ensuring proximity to data and security.


Data Agnostic

Dataiku DSS natively connects to the full spectrum of technologies within a data ecosystem and leverages them to their highest potential.