Virtual Data Warehouse

The Logical Data Layer with Zero Replication

Data virtualization is a logical data layer which enables multiple siloed

databases as well as data sources to be accessed and viewed as a single

database. Unlike traditional data integration, where physical ETL is

necessary; data virtualization servers perform data extract, transform and

integrate virtually.


In this process, there is zero replication where there is no need to move or

copy data from the source systems. The modern-day analytics depend

upon distributed data systems and a variety of data to produce insights. In

such a scenario, data virtualization holds the key as it can ensure a unified

‘single source of truth’ without the necessity of the cumbersome process of

data extraction and load.


This eases out the overall turnaround time of any use case delivery. With

the virtual data integration approach, Data virtualization does not require

large infrastructure, thus saving the Capex for such initiatives. Also, with

the change in data at data sources, the same will be reflected in the

analytics use case due to the data virtualization framework.