Master Data Management

Effective Handling of Master Data

In the entire Big Data Analytics ecosystem, while dealing with huge

volume and high velocity of data coming from multiple sources, it is

extremely important to manage, organize, categorize, localize, and

synchronize the master data as per the business rules of the organization.


Master Data Management (MDM) is the core process of handling different

types of master data viz. customer, vendor, store, employee, etc. An efficient

master data management helps in providing a unified view of the

information which was difficult to get in data silos. 


The linking and orchestration of the information across various business

critical parameters such as products, customers, stores, employees, assets,

vendors, etc. are supported by MDM. MDM helps to connect the various

masters from multiple systems such as ERP, CRM, Vendor Management

System, HRM, eCommerce, etc. Thus, it helps in obtaining a 360° view of


"data server connecting to the computer"