Data Quality and Governance

Keep your Data Secured and Trustworthy

Data Governance is a vast subject which covers the people, processes and

technologies associated with the data assets of a company. With an

objective of providing understandable, consistent, secure and trustworthy

data; the organizations are stressing highly on Data Governance. Few of

the major goals of Data Governance are:

    • To establish the rules for data usage. 


    • To establish data policies and compliances. 


    • To act upon seamless data communication (internally and externally). 


    • To enable data security. 


    • To establish data stewardship within the company. 


    • To facilitate the stakeholders with data-driven insights. 


Data Governance aims for consistent and uniform data and processes

across the organization which will help in the decision-making process. It

also helps in creating necessary control mechanisms which will help in

optimizing control mechanisms.


The modern enterprises deal with numerous applications with multiple

data sources. Along with the structured and internal data, there are

unstructured and external data. In such an ecosystem, having a strong

data governance methodology is of extreme importance to maintain the

overall technology and business landscape.

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