Data Catalog

Manage your Data Inventory Effectively

With the data explosion taking place, Data Catalogs is becoming a core

component of modern data management. Data catalog treats data as

inventory and has a collection of metadata, data management and search

tools, that helps the data users to find the data that they need. It also

provides information to evaluate fitness data for intended uses. It focuses

on datasets (the inventory of available data) and connects those datasets

with rich information to inform people who work with data.


In the age of self-service analytics, it is often a challenge for the IT

organizations to provide all of the data needed by the ever-increasing

numbers of people who analyze data. In such a scenario, where there is a

huge volume of datasets coming from multiple data sources, a data

catalog helps the data users to search and find data quickly. They can see

all of the available datasets, evaluate and make informed choices for which

data to use, and perform data preparation and analysis efficiently and with


"data server room connection"