Enterprise Performance Management

Risk Management

Take your organization beyond traditional risk management to achieve a smarter, more realistic risk profile for quicker decision making and problem solving. Effective Risk Management is at the heart of business agility. An integrated approach to digital and data driven risk management allows your organization to align business performance with business conformance, and enables all departments within your organization to quickly, consistently, and efficiently make sound decisions – acting as a unified business.

Bridge the gap between strategy, operations, departments, business units, divisions and countries. Based on the ISO 31000, the COSO methodology or a hybrid, you can enable your organization to quickly, consistently and efficiently respond to challenges posed by ever changing regulatory requirements

Streamline risk management processes by implementing ISO 27005, ISO 31000 or COSO ERM – or a hybrid. Consolidate data from multiple sources for a holistic view of trends, key indicators and decisional power. With Project & Portfolio Risk Management, you can manage your operational hazard risks by visualizing as bow-tie diagrams your barrier and hazard assessments or as your own customized informative representations for communicating with your stakeholders and demonstrating compliance with regulations

An CPM system enables your organization to identify and manage risk entity-wide, select strategies for risk mitigation, assign responsibilities, and establish a more realistic risk profile for quicker decision making and problem solving.