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Social Media Analytics: How it Helps in Making the Right Marketing Decision

Author : Vivek Singh Social media marketing has reached its peak of innovation and a massive amount of data is being transferred with the speed of lightning onto billions of cellular phones and computers each and every day. There are 25 million business profiles solely on Instagram including big and small companies that use social […]

Social Media Analytics : A shot in the arm for Marketing

Author : Aina Raj The magnitude of conversational data that is generated every second is enormous. Navigating through social media conversations and deriving valuable consumer insights out of it becomes the biggest challenge for the marketing team of any consumer obsessed organization. As brands maneuver through a whirlpool of consumer data, it is social media […]

Social trends in the financial service industry during COVID-19

How have conversations and customer needs in the financial services industry changed during the coronavirus pandemic? Financial services can be a highly personal field. People are sensitive about money management, and banking and financial institutions establish relationships with customers through face-to-face interactions when they can. Without people going into a bank to do business with […]