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Independent DataMarts? The Burden of Managing a Spaghetti Architecture

The Burden of Managing a Spaghetti Architecture Author : Wriddhi Majumder Analytics is Important and so are the Storages Today, every organization are doing something or other in the line of analytics, AI, ML, etc. to gain strategic advantages from the insights. Data being the fuel for all these, it is important for these organizations […]
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Optimizing your Data Strategy: On-Premise vs On cloud vs Hybrid?

Author : Aina Raj Optimizing your Data Strategy : On-Premise vs On cloud vs Hybrid?   Traditionally organizations have invested in on-premise infrastructure for applications and data. The IT head would provision for the infrastructure based on annual data storage and computing needs. Today the scenario has changed. With the magnitude of data being generated every […]

Break the Barriers with the Modernized Data

Author : Wriddhi Majumder  Data Warehouse as the Core of Analytics The technology landscape is transforming at an exponential rate. This is not only impacting business but bringing a paradigm shift in the way business has been carried out. Ability to handle a huge volume of data, faster calculations, ability to apply complex algorithms to […]

Rise of the Data Cloud

It’s only natural to edge forward incrementally. But every once in a while, there is a step-level change that really alters the game. The Data Cloud is exactly that – an opportunity to completely mobilize your data in the service of your business. The Data Cloud is a new type of cloud, so you can […]