Dubai has AI Embedded

The UAE has a vision to become one of the leading nations in AI by 2031 by creating new economic, educational, and social opportunities for citizens, governments and businesses. This was undoubtedly based on the predictions that over the next five years, the smart cities market will increase from over $400 billion to $1.5 trillion. […]

Independent DataMarts? The Burden of Managing a Spaghetti Architecture

The Burden of Managing a Spaghetti Architecture Author : Wriddhi Majumder Analytics is Important and so are the Storages Today, every organization are doing something or other in the line of analytics, AI, ML, etc. to gain strategic advantages from the insights. Data being the fuel for all these, it is important for these organizations […]
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Optimizing your Data Strategy: On-Premise vs On cloud vs Hybrid?

Author : Aina Raj Optimizing your Data Strategy : On-Premise vs On cloud vs Hybrid?   Traditionally organizations have invested in on-premise infrastructure for applications and data. The IT head would provision for the infrastructure based on annual data storage and computing needs. Today the scenario has changed. With the magnitude of data being generated every […]
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Social Media Analytics: How it Helps in Making the Right Marketing Decision

Author : Vivek Singh Social media marketing has reached its peak of innovation and a massive amount of data is being transferred with the speed of lightning onto billions of cellular phones and computers each and every day. There are 25 million business profiles solely on Instagram including big and small companies that use social […]

Break the Barriers with the Modernized Data

Author : Wriddhi Majumder  Data Warehouse as the Core of Analytics The technology landscape is transforming at an exponential rate. This is not only impacting business but bringing a paradigm shift in the way business has been carried out. Ability to handle a huge volume of data, faster calculations, ability to apply complex algorithms to […]
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5 Stages of Data-Evolution to become a Data-driven organization

Author : Aina Raj “Data and analytics are the key accelerants of an organization’s digitization and transformation efforts. Yet today, fewer than 50% of documented corporate strategies mention data and analytics as fundamental components for delivering enterprise value” – Gartner Though data as a strategic priority is in its early adoption phase organizations are quickly realizing […]

Social Media Analytics : A shot in the arm for Marketing

Author : Aina Raj The magnitude of conversational data that is generated every second is enormous. Navigating through social media conversations and deriving valuable consumer insights out of it becomes the biggest challenge for the marketing team of any consumer obsessed organization. As brands maneuver through a whirlpool of consumer data, it is social media […]

Rise of the Data Cloud

It’s only natural to edge forward incrementally. But every once in a while, there is a step-level change that really alters the game. The Data Cloud is exactly that – an opportunity to completely mobilize your data in the service of your business. The Data Cloud is a new type of cloud, so you can […]

Social trends in the financial service industry during COVID-19

How have conversations and customer needs in the financial services industry changed during the coronavirus pandemic? Financial services can be a highly personal field. People are sensitive about money management, and banking and financial institutions establish relationships with customers through face-to-face interactions when they can. Without people going into a bank to do business with […]
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Predictions for Cloud Migration, Security and AI

As organisations map out business strategies for the year ahead, increasing attention is being given to data management. Once regarded as a task for IT management, it’s now rapidly becoming a priority at executive level, sometimes all the way to board level, as organisations pivot towards being truly data-driven. This shift is occurring for a […]