Inline Fraud & Risk Management

IFRM – Inline Fraud and Risk Management

BankIQTM IFRM – Inline Fraud and Risk Management is designed to stop fraudulent transactions and currently engineered for debit products. IFRM uses ‘true’ Real-time Rule engine and Cognitive intelligence to determine unusual transaction which is associated with a Fraud. IFRM manages fraud risk in a manner consistent with the Regulatory requirements as well as entity’s needs. Complete with an effective IFRM approach it encompasses controls that achieve the following key objectives:

"bankiq fraud detection graph"

IFRM approach has the capability to process transactions in ‘true’ Real-Time (RT) and Near-Real-Time (NRT) mode. It comes with necessary UI for detection/protection and reporting. Detection covers aspects of monitoring, investigation, case management and escalation. Reporting covers Fraud activity reporting and trend reporting. Reporting capabilities can be used for developing more reports like compliance reporting, etc. Also made available is utilities such as Spotter, Security data exchange and Visual Rule Builder to aid the use of this system.