Enterprise Chatbots

Machine Learning Driven Intelligent Chatbots

Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), personalization &

Natural Language Processing (NLP) are transforming the Customer

Experience. Various repetitive, and structured exercises are being handled

by ML driven chatbots. Current Enterprise chatbots, unlike traditional rule-

based chatbots, are built by developing machine learning algorithms,

leveraging existing AI frameworks and by programming domain-specific

functional rules.


It can handle the user requests intelligently based on data points such as

context of request, past transactions, conversation history,location, etc. It

also helps in channelizing the user requests to live agents whenever

necessary.  Seamless integration with business systems such as ERP,

mobile app, etc. help in gathering necessary data, analysing data, and

taking necessary actions.


The enterprise chatbots help in reducing the routine, mundane jobs for the

operators, thus helping the operator to concentrate on more value-added

activities. This also helps in reducing the response and resolution time,

thus increasing the customer satisfaction.

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