Deep Learning

The Power of Unsupervised Learning

Deep Learning is a sub-set of machine learning that uses a programmable

neural network which helps the machines for unsupervised learning. There

are numerous layers of algorithms in each layer of the neural network,

which provides different interpretation of the data.  Such a network of

algorithms or neural network imitates the function of the human neural

networks present in the brain.


The main advantage of deep learning networks is that they do not

necessarily need structured data or tags to classify the different datasets.

Unlike typical machine learning use cases, deep learning does not need

any supervision. The artificial neural networks using deep learning send

the input through different layers of the network, with each network

hierarchically defining specific features of the data. This is, in a way similar

to how our human brain works to solve problems- by passing queries

through various hierarchies of concepts and related questions to find an

answer. After the data is processed through layers within deep neural

networks, the system finds the appropriate identifiers for classifying the