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Today, with the advancement of technology, the human intelligence can be

simulated in machines. The machines are able to mimic human actions. A

digital assistant can practically help you in understanding your questions,

sentiments, moods, emotions, etc. before helping you with your queries.

Learning, reasoning, and perception are the three major goals of Artificial

Intelligence. Starting from self-driving cars to catching fraudulent

transactions in the financial sector, AI has been quite useful in solving

business problems.

One of the important applications of artificial intelligence (AI) is Machine

learning that provides systems the ability to learn automatically (both

supervised and unsupervised) and improve from experience without being

explicitly programmed. In a supervised environment, the learning

algorithm produces an inferred function to make predictions about the

output values. While in an unsupervised environment, systems can infer a

function to describe a hidden structure from unlabelled data using Neural


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